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Corporate Culture

IEG is the abbreviation of the three English wordsInnovation (n) + Excellence (n)+ Growth (n), which refers to “innovation,excellence and growth”, meaning that IEG provides corporate customers withexcellent consulting training service on innovation achievement and helpscustomers grow better and faster.

The grayish box of the whole Logo stands for moderateand stable image of IEG. An arc line crosses through the box, just like a newpower enhancing upward, which means the service of IEG not only can inheritclassic practices, but make a breakthrough innovation. The arc line is alsolike the skyline of the earth, dividing the Logo area into two parts of theearth. The ground is dark gray and the sky is red. The dark gray color meansdown-to-earth and serious attitude of IEG. And the red color means professionand enthusiasm of IEG employees in additional to meaning that IEG helpsenterprises develop jointly booming prospect. 

Visionof IEGVision:  
Vision: become a most excellent consulting company inGreater China providing innovation management service. 

Missionof IEGMission:
Mission: provideemployees’ welfares and working environment for rapid learning and growth;provide service making customers moved. 

Value of IEG
Core Value: integrity, innovation, enthusiasm andgrowth 

latest course

DFSS training course

Design for Six Sigma, DFSS is a effective method to solve the problem of Design, DFSS by innovative way of logic and Design tools, used in all phases of new product development, in order to achieve the purpose of the new product quality optimization and cost reduction.

TRIZ international certification course

Going of Inventive Problem Solving, TRIZ is Russia truth - the schuler (Genrich Altshuller) research. IEG populist wisdom TRIZ innovation college international certification courses through the method of TRIZ Theory, let the enterprise technology innovation talents application of TRIZ innovation method, quickly solve technical conflict Problem and the innovation development.

Design thinking training course

design thinking不只是“产品”、“service ”的设计,而且还是流程、经营模式、组织运作、工作环境、小区营造、教育…等等的设计。因此,“Design thinking ”是:一种结构完整的创新思维模式。Design thinking training course是任何行业,任何公司的任何领域都可学习和采用的、而且可以产生许多有意义与建设性产品或service 的创新设计模式。more

Map of technical training courses

map technology to construct a path now and the future of the product and technology development, the enterprise marketing strategy to meet the target market of the product, the product is the key technology, the technology research and development planning, and the required resources, integration in the product technology maps, clear the company to master the next few years to develop the market, product, and the key technology, in order to advance to the layout of the product and technology, the competitive position of advantage.

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