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Selection and Evaluation of Customers

1. Reasons for customers trusting IEG: strength, profession and excellence

Trust derives from strong strength.

l         85% of TRIZ experts in the world are available. They are Master Black Belts, senior  black belts and Russian TRIZ scientists among TRIZ-6 Sigma consulting teams and IEG consultant groups with the strongest and the most complete qualifications and experiences in Greater China. Most of these teams and groups come from international large enterprises such as GE, Motorola and Dell etc.

l         The most professional innovation R&D experts in our country now assist customers’ core products and processes to meet strict requirements on innovation and quality levels by the large enterprises in the world.

l         IEG has complete TRIZ-Six Sigma professional training planning and teaching materials, and customizes TRIZ-Six Sigma educational training and coaching program elastically specific to corporate culture and organization of customers.

l         We keep introducing the most sophisticated management technologies and improvement methodologies in the world such as TRIZ, DFSS, Lean Design and Lean Six Sigma etc to enter into Asian enterprises.

l         Each consultant from IEG has at least more than 5 years’ experiences in actual promotion of TRIZ and Six Sigma in large enterprises. In addition to education training and project coaching in TRIZ and Six Sigma, they are also able to provide teams and operation teams responsible for deducing TRIZ-Six Sigma with consulting service in TRIZ and Six Sigma management aspects.

l         IEG has education training and coaching capabilities in TRIZ and Lean Six Sigma. Therefore, IEG is capable of, while coaching TRIZ-Six Sigma project, booting customers’ capabilities in Lean aspect, and integrating Six Sigma and Lean in order to make the speed and quality of problem improvement have a breakthrough performance.

Trust derives from professional skills.

l         IEG has education training and coaching capabilities in TRIZ and Lean Six Sigma. While coaching TRIZ-Six Sigma project, IEG is able to boot customers’ capabilities in Lean aspect, and integrate Six Sigma and Lean in order to make the speed and quality of problem improvement have a breakthrough performance.

l         Apart from assisting TRZI-Six Sigma project to achieve performance objective and financial benefits, IEG also has extraordinary capabilities in leading project groups to the core of problems, challenging and unfastening the black box of process, finding out New Findings, establishing Know-how of process improvement, and assisting customers’ core products and processes to meet strict requirements on innovation and quality levels by the large enterprises in the world.

Trust derives from excellent service.

l         We know clearly where the standards of TRIZ-Six Sigma should be, and also know how to assist customers to find out key links.

l         We are able to look upon TRIZ-Six Sigma program from the strategic view instead of taking it as Training Program only. We have participated in for many times customer enterprises establishing management platform and stipulating annual plan.

2. Coaching Performance of IEG
Courses Number of Students Number of Projects Index Improvement (Average/Project) Benefits $RMB
Total Benefits
DFSS >1500 >150 35% 1 million
Patent: 3-5
>1 hundred million
80 million
DFA >80 >20 Cost reduction: 30%
Productivity promotion: 30%
600 thousand >13 million
DMAI2C BB >2800 >400 70% 500 thousand >5 hundred million
DMAI2C GB >5500 >600 70%
LSS >2500 >130 Cost reduction: 30%
Productivity promotion: 40%
450 thousand >60 million
TRIZL I >1500 >210 20-40% 800 thousand
Patent: 5-7
>0.22 billion
TRIZL II >200 >120 40-60%

3 IEG in Customers’ Eyes

Nowadays, the most important key for corporate competitiveness, even survival, is continuous improvement to enhance corporate operation efficiency; however, “improvement” itself devotes particular care to efficiency. The objective of choosing IEG is hoping to achieve “improvement” rapidly.
                                               --- T.D Chou, vice president of Lite-On

Learning and application of tools need an excellent coach. Therefore, we particularly invite through discussion IEG Company to tutor us. Here, I appeal all colleagues to open your minds and contribute your time and physical efforts to studying hard, making 「TRIZ &6 Sigma」 blend in corporate culture of CHILIN. We will use 「6 Sigma」 as your common language at the scheduled time.
                                           --- Li Maosong, general manager of CHILIN

Carrying out 「TRIZ and 6 Sigma DFSS」is the trend of times, we must build consensus and implement it completely. Pressure exists during the process, but I hope all of you accept with pleasure the change brought about by 「6 Sigma」 project for our company and everybody present. Thank IEG for giving assistance during the process, bringing outstanding achievements for our company.
                                                Li Jia’en, general manager of OKWAP

4. Classic Case Sharing

4-1  Customers won ITEA gold award through coaching by IEG.

Optimization of inventory management, one of Amway (China) projects coached by IEG, won on March 25, 2011 gold award in Chinese qualification trials. The award is International Team Excellence Award (ITEA). The project will directly participate in ITEA campaign of World Conference on Quality and Improvement-2012 (WCQI) on behalf of China.

Global Customer Base of IEG

IEGAsia Pacific Customer Base of IEG



LEAN Sigma Benchmark Customer Base

       Electronic and information industry:

  Powertech Technology, TIS Karrie Technologies, Taiwan Rohm and Haas, Yazhi Technology, Delta Electronics, Teco Image Systems Co., Ltd, ITE Tech, Compal Electronics, Powerchip Semiconductor, Accusys, Integrated Service Technology, PDC Electronics, Tai Hong Printed, King Yuan Electronics, Episil Technologies Inc., UVAT, Greatek Electronics Inc, Merck Photoelectric Technology, D-Link Corporation, Quanta Computer, RiTdisplay, PVI, ASUSTeK Computer, Joyin, Solid State System, Foxit Technology, Yangxin Technology, ZyXEL Communications Corporation, Toppoly Optoelectronics, Luxon Enterprise, Kingpak Technology Inc, Huatai Electronics, Integrated Circuit Solution, Inc., Gigabyte Technology, Compal Communications, Entire Technology, Quanta Display Inc, Holy Stone, Advanced Semiconductor Engineering, Branchy Technoloyg, CastleNet Technology Inc, Global Mixed-more Technology Inc, Optimax, Enermax, Meishang Desheng Techonology, Kinik Precision Grinding Corp., Sercomm, MPI Corporation, Taiqing Precision, Zhonghuan, HIWIN, BoardTek Electronics Corporation, Ali, HTC Corporation, Jingwei Computer, Subtron, Logic Art Automation Co., Ltd., Global Testing, TwinMos, Wanguo Computer, Hongda Technology, Super Electronics, E-TEN Information, Meishang Milike, Yinxiang Technology, Giantplus Technology, Arima Communications,Jianxing Electronics Technology,Wu’s Tech, Hanguang Technology, HannStar, Winbond Electronics, Chroma, Merck Chemical Technology, Taiwan Uyemura, Hanguang Technology, Kingtron Electronics, Toppan Chunghwa Electronics, Datron Technology, Juxin Technology, Kenmos Technology, Highlink Technology, Opto Tech, Fintek, Testing Technology, Ideal Elethermal Inc., Hon Hai Precision, Lidie, Partner Tech, WIN Semiconductors, Yupei Technology, Lianbang Technology, Taiwan Lamination, Tripod Technology, Coretronic, G-SHANK Enterprise, Union Tech Electronics, Zhouju Technology, Taiyao Electronics,ICD Electronics, Meifu Qumian Technology, Cyntec, Chongyue Quartz, Chongyue Electric Flux, Zen Voce Corp., Yuhuan Technology, Taiding Jianduan, Miji Technology, Inventec, Senao Networks, Inc., Qibang Technology, Top Union Electronics Corp., Phoenix Precision Technology, Yazhi Technology, TALIANG, Tongheng Science and Technology, Wafer Works Corporation….   

       Machine industry

Yulon Motor, Ford Motor, Ligang Industry, Minchali Metal, Yamaha Motor Taiwan, Hexin Automobile, Golden Stout Industrial Co., Ltd., SYM, Walsin Carpenter, Seyi, Jiangshen Industry, ROC-Spicer Co., Ltd., TUNG PEI INDUSTRIAL, INTECH MACHINES CO., LTD, Volkwagon, ENSURE CO LTD., New Sanxing, Shye Shyang Mechanical Industrial Co.,Ltd., Fusheng Industrial, Shieh Yih Machinery Industry Co., Ltd., Changrong Heavy Industry, Yung Fa Steel & Iron Ind. Co., Ltd., Kuozui Motors, Co., Ltd.,Yueki Industrial Co., Ltd., Uni Auto Parts Manufacture Co., Ltd., TALIANG…..

       Textile industry

Chung Shing Textile, Hualon, Taroko Textile Corp., Universal Textile, Lealea Enterprise, Tai-tone Dyeing & Finishing, Taiwan Taffeta Fabric, Hongyi Fiber, Evertex Dyeing & Finishing Co., Ltd, Taiwan Wacoal, Hsin Sin Textile, Being Long Textile, Far Eastern Textile…..

       Food Chemical Industry

    Uni-President Enterprises, Kuang Chuan Dairy, Taiwan Nestle, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Blanche Neige Enterprise, ICI, Du Pont, Lian Hwa Foods, Fulltide Enterprise, Shengxin Food, Gold Automobile, Integral Chemical, Merck-Kanto Advanced Chemical……

       Construction (Building Materials) Industry

Longbon Construction, Zhanye Construction, United Ceramics, Sin Yih Ceramic, Jing Kong Ceramic, Hocheng Corp., Sanyang Tiles, Kaiju Tiles, Chunfu Construction, Licheng Yingzao….

    Shanye Musical Instrument, Federal, Pacific Glass, Zhenglong Paper Industry, Kwong Lung Feather, Yuen Foong Yu Paper Manufacturing, Liang Chi Industry, Tien Long Paper Mfg. Co., Ltd., Chung Tai Rubber Industrial Co., Ltd, AMADA, KHS Group…..

       Service Industry

   SECOM, Window on China Co., Ltd, Mahatma Imperial Garden, Nan Taoyuan Cable Television, Bei Taoyuan Cable Television, Far Eastern, Janfusun Fancyworld, Min-Sheng General Hospital, Taoqunlun Industry, Sanxin Automobile, Lijie Furniture, Ever Rich Duty Free Shop, Champion Manpower Services, Jutai Manpower Services, Industrial Technology Research Institute, Automotive Testing Center, Yuanlong Automobile, Kanglin International…..

latest course

DFSS training course

Design for Six Sigma, DFSS is a effective method to solve the problem of Design, DFSS by innovative way of logic and Design tools, used in all phases of new product development, in order to achieve the purpose of the new product quality optimization and cost reduction.

TRIZ international certification course

Going of Inventive Problem Solving, TRIZ is Russia truth - the schuler (Genrich Altshuller) research. IEG populist wisdom TRIZ innovation college international certification courses through the method of TRIZ Theory, let the enterprise technology innovation talents application of TRIZ innovation method, quickly solve technical conflict Problem and the innovation development.

Design thinking training course

design thinking不只是“产品”、“service ”的设计,而且还是流程、经营模式、组织运作、工作环境、小区营造、教育…等等的设计。因此,“Design thinking ”是:一种结构完整的创新思维模式。Design thinking training course是任何行业,任何公司的任何领域都可学习和采用的、而且可以产生许多有意义与建设性产品或service 的创新设计模式。more

Map of technical training courses

map technology to construct a path now and the future of the product and technology development, the enterprise marketing strategy to meet the target market of the product, the product is the key technology, the technology research and development planning, and the required resources, integration in the product technology maps, clear the company to master the next few years to develop the market, product, and the key technology, in order to advance to the layout of the product and technology, the competitive position of advantage.

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