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Application Fields for Innovation Courses of Institute for Innovation

  • Manufacturing is the traditional area for application of innovative curriculum

The manufacturing sector has always been a traditional area of ??innovation. Both management innovation and technological product innovation are focuses of manufacturing. Management innovation helps the enterprise to reduce expenditure, while the technological product innovation helps the enterprise to open source. In the long-term process of providing business innovation consulting services, IEG has obtained great success through practical application and continuous improvement on innovative manner and approaches.

Understand professional management innovation courses of IEG:

  • IEG takes the lead in introducing the innovation courses into service industry

Service innovation is an exciting and challenging theme. These sectors include finance, insurance, health care, tourism and entertainment, telecom operation, commercial and real estate, e-commerce, transport and logistics, education and government administration. IEG takes the lead in introducing the innovation courses into service industry and helps service-type firm obtain significant effect in service product innovation and service procedure innovation.

Professional management innovation courses of IEG.

  • IEG ushers in technological innovation and product development

IEG is the only training and authorization body of International TRIZ Society in China region. President of Chinese Society for TRIZ & Innovation is Prof. Jiang Tailin, vice-president of IEG. IEG was the first to introduce and promote TRIZ and DFSS in 2005 to help customers to promote technological product research and development capacity; it was exclusive to the introduction of Lean R & D in the field of product development in 2006 to make the R&D capacity of the enterprise greatly reinforced; it exclusively launched innovation Six Sigma products including TRIZ innovation methodologies with innovative thinking, and was the first to integrate TRIZ and DMAIC into DMAI2C to significantly enhance the performance improvement and innovation in 2008.

Remarks: International TRIZ Society was set up by Boris Zlotin, Alla Zusman(TRIZ Masters)who are the few successors designated by Genrich Altshuller, as well as other ten well-known TRIZ scientists. Headquarters is set up in Michigan of the U.S.A. 80% of world-class TRIZ experts across the world are trained and certified by the Society. In 2009, International TRIZ Society cooperated with Chinese Society for TRIZ & Innovation (CSTI), and authorized IEG Academy (American IEG Academy for Innovation) to be a sole approved TRIZ training and certification authority in Greater China.

IEG DFSS Green Belt/ Black Belt Courses are professional and designed for product research and development, procedure design and innovation.