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Technological Products Innovation Training Course

Technological Innovation Course Series is specially set for Middle management personnel and key R& D staffs in technological innovation, product R & D innovation and service innovation sectors. Technological Innovation Course Series will help technological innovation and product innovation personnel in the enterprise to learn and master a variety of powerful and innovative ways. For both new product development and upgrading of existing products by R&D personnel, Technological Innovation Course of IEG Academy for Innovation will provide appropriate development path and innovative tools and approaches.

Main technological innovation course, such as:

Design for Six Sigma Green Belt, Black Belt Course (DFSS)

TRIZ Innovation International Certification Level 1 Training Courses

TRIZ Innovation International Certification Level 2 Training Courses

TRIZ Innovation International Certification Level 3 Training Courses

Advanced TRIZ & IWB Innovation Courses

Innovative Problem Solving Courses

Taguchi Static Parameters Design Courses

Taguchi Dynamic Parameters Design Courses

Tolerance Design and Analysis Courses

Reliability Design Courses

Technology roadmap Courses

Design for Assembly Courses