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Methodologies of Management Innovation

IEG believes that execution is management once an enterprise’s strategic direction is determined. The enterprise with strong executive ability is easier to win business competition, while the management innovation is to improve an enterprise’s executive ability by all means. Technological/product innovation is not necessary for all enterprises, but all enterprises need management innovation. Only carry out the management innovation can an enterprise develop from ordinary level to excellent level and from excellent to outstanding. Thus we can see the importance of management innovation.

Value proposition
Balanced scorecard
  Operation process optimization
Lean operation –Labor hour contraction-Quality improvement
Customer understanding
Empathy- In-depth observation - Divergent thinking -Miniature -Testing
 Patent layout Originality and innovation
Linking with customers and technologies
Demand map- Technology tree – Technology roadmap
  New product design optimization

Research and development time contraction-BOM cost reduction

For most enterprises, ten improvements form a small management innovation, while a hundred improvements lead to a large management innovation. IEG hopes to help enterprises to implement management innovation by various professional solutions and series of innovation methodologies. IEG can provide both progressive management innovation and breakthrough management innovation with matching professional services and guidance to innovation methodologies