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IEG Innovation methodologies

                     Prospect                                            Objective                   Tool
Development of strategic management objectives
Productivity improvement Cost of poor quality decreases Central value issue  
Dispersion issue  
Hybrid issue  
Efficiency increases, waster decreases Efficiency increases  
Productivity increases   
Delivery time and inventory decreases  
Bottleneck and level production improvement  
设备维护Equipment maintenance  
Income growth Increase revenue opportunities Development quality/cycle/cost  
Patent layout/technological breakthrough  
Rapid marketing  
Improve customer value Customer service quality  

Customer appreciation

Enterprise management innovation methodology is often selected according to objectives of an enterprise. For example:

Innovation Six Sigma Methodology:

•    Realize the breakthrough improvement of production process capability;

•    Solve the problem of product quality and capacity;

•    Solve the problem of process management innovation.

TRIZ Innovation Methodology (TRIZ Problem Solving):

•    Solve the problem of service process innovation creatively

•    Solve the problem of production process innovation creatively

Lean Six Sigma Methodology (lean six sigma):

•    Solve the management innovation problem of manufacturing process;

•    Solve the management innovation problem of manufacturing process;

•    Solve the capacity, quality and cost problems of production.

Lean Production Management:

•    Solve the waster problem in Production management;

•    Solve the speed and efficiency problems of production process;

•    Solve the inventory problem of manufacturing process, etc.

IEG believes that step after step the ladder is ascended, and continuous improvement equals progressive innovation. The management innovation needs not only breakthrough innovation, but also progressive innovation. IEG believes that the most persistent innovation is management innovation, because the management innovation focuses on continuous improvement and progressive innovation.