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Innovation Six Sigma Management DMAIC/DMAI2C

Six sigma develops from a quality measure into a productivity measure, then develops into a customer satisfaction meaure and at last changes the DNA basis of enterprise. It gives you a totally different way of thinking.---------------------------Jack Welch

DMAI2C is the combination of DMAIC and TRIZ (improve+ Innovation), is an improvement on the basis of original SMAIC, solving the problems which can not be solved by ordinary DMAIC, as shown in the figure: 

Breakthrough Roadmap for Innovation Six Sigma (DMA2IC) Methodology

Define Measure Analyze Improve+Innovate Control
ID.VOC Process Map Sampling Plan Planning Rational Tolerances
MSA Power Sample Size X’s Priority Control Plan
Project Scope Narrow X’S Identify Causes-Graphical  Main Effect & Interaction Control Method
Identify Outputs C&E
Verify Causes-Test Fitted Model Evaluate Results
Project Goal Lean Relationship-X&Y  TRIZ PTAP
    Optimization& Improve Plan  
    Pilot Run