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Application and Management of Innovative DFSS

To achieve economic success, system plant must be able to confirm customer demands, and then rapidly create products according with demands, and produce such products with low cost. However, to reach these purposes, it is not only marketing issue, or issue of design department or manufacturing department, but product development issue integrating these three functional departments. DFSS (Design for Six Sigma) is just improving success rate of new product development through integrating the three major enterprises of the enterprise to new product development activity. However, it requires to produce new products with low cost and in the meantime meet customer demands, and there are more or less contradictory problems, therefore, DFSS method in 21st century is just added with theory of solution to innovative problems for solving conflict-TRIZ (Theory of Inventive Problem Solving) theory to make DFSS method develop greater effect in new product development activity.

According to result of investigation in American iSIXSIGMA Magazine in 2007 on tools used by 1000 enterprises for new product development, there were 42% of surveyed enterprises using DFSS method, 14% of surveyed enterprises not only using DFSS but also using Robust Design tool, and 13% only using DFSS but also using TRIZ tool. In the meantime, in the survey, 64% of enterprises thought carrying out innovative activities and Six Sigma was integrated or interacted. Therefore, when at the same time that advanced enterprises are to get rid of red sea battlefield in 21st century, DFSS has become favored tool for sustainable operation of enterprises.

Combination between New Product Development Operation and DFSS

Developing new products according with customer demands is the core factor to determine enterprise competitiveness. But new product development has been weak link of many enterprises. Low success rate of new products, slow speed for solving technological problems of new products, so frequent ECN and high design cost etc. are common problems. It has shown through practice of many excellent companies that the success of new products not only depends on opportunity or fortune. And success of new products can be predicted and controlled. The successful experience shows that management of research and development procedure, quality and resource brought in for new product and excellent research and development team are success factors.

DFSS method can effectively promote enterprise competitiveness only through closely combining with new product development operation, however, how enterprises establish their own more excellent new product development operation culture through DFSS method is the issue that each enterprise needs to challenge. Actually as early as 2001, Tatikonda and Montoya-Weiss from Northern California State University these two scholars had made in-depth research on influences of factors and capacities of new product development operation of enterprises to innovative product performance. During the research, there were 57 assembly companies including totally 120 new product plans surveyed, innovative product process model and marketing model were integrated, and Confirmatory Factor Analysis (CFA) and Hierarchical Moderated Regression Analysis (HMRA) these two methods were applied to conduct statistic analysis. Results of research and analysis could conclude 4 main conclusions, as is shown below:

1. Strengthening of process synchronicity and rigor degree has strongly remarkable positive influence on process result of innovative products; while strengthening of suitability only has partially remarkably positive influence.

2. Relationship between three process factors of the organization and innovative product process result is not easily interfered by degree of novelty of product and manufacturing technology.

3. Strengthening of innovative products on high quality and low cost has strongly remarkable positive influence on product sale result; while strengthening of early time to market only has partially remarkable positive influence.

Research results of Tatikonda and Montoya-Weiss show that so long as new products are with high quality and low cost, the sale result will be good, and the conclusion coincides with strengthening function played by DFSS in new product development operation. DFSS method is not to change new product development operation process of enterprises, but to more rigorously implement new product development operation process greatly with concept of synchronous engineering to achieve the purpose of improving new product quality and reducing cost.

Take DMADV (Define, Measure, Analysis, Design, Verify) in five steps of DFSS for example, each step strengthens degree of rigor and synchronous engineering of operation process implementation. For instance, customer demand research, financial risk analysis and process management risk analysis etc. three major issues discussed in Define Phase are to form a team composed of marketing, business, finance, RD, purchase and manufacturing… to strengthen the degree of rigor of operation process in Plan Phase; for another example, Robust Design, Tolerance Design, DFMA (Design for Manufacturing & Assembly) etc. units in Design Phase are also strengthening the degree of rigor of operation process at the time of design and reaching effect of synchronous engineering. After the synchronicity and degree of rigor of operation process of enterprises are strengthened, new products developed may reach the achievement of high quality and low cost, thus more greatly improving enterprise competitiveness.

IEG DFSS Features:

n         Resource and experience of DFSS/TRIZ consultants are richest, there are most cases and customers coached.

n         Teaching materials are newest, and cases are most complete and stretch across multiple industries: IT, Foundry, LED, Chemistry, TFT-LCD, LCDTV, Wireless, Network, DVD, Communication…)

n         Focus on: 1. Product 2. Technology 3. Project and 4. Process innovation

n         Greatest number of patent idea/application averagely generated by project (5.7/Project)

n         DFSS project allocates DFSS MBB/Master personnel to cultivate training across each department-Function (R&D, MFG, Logistics, Procurement, MIS, HR, PE…).

n         Providing Tech.-Product Direct Evolution and Patent Evaluation Enhancement Deconstruction Service/Ideation USA.

Four No.1 of DFSS/TRIZ of IEG

Ø      Newest teaching materials, most industries and most complete cases

Ø      Most special consulting groups in DFSS/TRIZ field

Ø      Most works in innovative field

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