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IEG DFSS/TRIZ Projects in Printed Circuit Board Industry

Project company: An enterprise

Company background:

The enterprise is a national high and new tech enterprise under a limited liability company. Since its establishment, the company has developed customer demand-oriented independent innovation and depending on talent and technology advantages, it becomes a diversified enterprise integrating R&D and production of high-end printed-circuit board (PCB), process R&D and production of high density multilayer package substrate and electronic assembly. Now it can product 750,000 m2 of high-end PCBs annually and provides products and service to world Top 500 enterprises.

Promotion reason of DFSS/TRIZ: in order to develop products of new fields and meet much stricter requirements for PCBs and improve the design ability of the R&D team, the company seniors decide to fully implement DFSS/TRIZ projects.

Project summary:
1. Project duration: 2012 ~
2. Trainee quantity: Champion: 20 persons   BB: 28 persons
3. Project achievement:
  3.1: Financial benefit of the project: about US$ 6.5M in total (new products)
  3.2: Development time of new products: be reduced by about 1.6 months on average
  3.3: BOM cost: be reduced by 12.7% on average
3.4: Process yield: be improved by 19.5% on average (MP)
3.5: Project patents: 1.2 patents for each project on average
3.6: Product reliability: MTBF is improved by 28000h on average

Customer evaluation:

“Many thanks to IEG consultants for their professional service and assisting R&D team to challenge more difficult products and process technologies, DFSS/TRIZ courses are helpful to further technological development of the company.”-Chief engineer

“Many thanks to DFSS/TRIZ service, which helps R&D personnel quickly make technological innovation with scientific method”---Technical manager