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Design Thinking

----Designing Distinctive Products

Background of Generation of Design Thinking
The traditional product research and development routine includes making market survey, understanding customer demands, dismantling products of competitors, improving functions and styles step by step, optimizing and launching new products step by step.

As commodity times featuring supply over demand come around, we have to feel the more and more captious sights of customers and feel their lack of loyalty on brands and lack of patience on homogenized products. One problem which all enterprises have to think of is: how can we innovate for product research and development? How can our products impress customers? Can new products making us attracted and overjoyed be produced only depending on “Steve Jobaloney” such genius?

Obviously, we need new and groundbreaking innovative thinking and method to research and develop moving products. Is there possibility or not? Design thinking provides a brand-new and important innovative thinking and method.
What’s Design Thinking?
 Invented by American IDEO Company, design thinking emphasizes that “thinking” is needed so long as “design” is involved. Brown from IDEO thinks that design thinking is “to meet people’s demands with sensitivity and methods of designer under the application of feasible science, technology and effective business strategies being able to transform to customer value and market opportunity.” Designers actively seek for new data points to challenge against explanations accepted by people, and suppose possibly existing new world. The objective (challenge) of design thinking is to help people say out demands hidden in heart even not perceived by oneself.

Main idea for design lies in “thinking”. Think about what? Such Life context, social context and cultural context… so as to explore real demands of users: How to think: innovation direction and thinking are obtained through observation, empathy and insight.

   Upon a large number of case practices concerning design thinking, IEG thinks…
What problems are to be solved through design thinking?

Solving problems existing in traditional product/service research and development

Failure to deeply understand what customers really need? As customers themselves do not know either   Thinking what customers need at design or engineering angles? Even making design only at one’s own angle
  Problems existing in traditional product/service research and development  
Shallowly surveying and understanding customers? Lack of thinking and methods by which cultural context or life context of customers is deeply understood   Usually being shallow originality and complicated function? Too much division of work among enterprises; grouping by functions; each person fails to fully master and integrate customer demands

Why does market survey in traditional research and development fail?

Henry. Ford said, “supposing I ask what customers want, they may tell me, ‘a faster horse!’”

   It can be seen that only progressive innovation can be received through respondents. Traditional market surveying tool can not break the rule or change competition round, thus generating breakthrough thinking with turning mode.

Design thinking innovates and promotes customer experience of new product and new service upon paying attention to problems in three fields:

文化和习性               生活场景                 应用过程
Culture and habit    Survival context    Application process

Ultimate purpose is to put person back to center of the story

Explore desires in human heart not spoken out or perceived!

Probe into living context of people!

Accordingly, good products and services even system can be designed!
Application Industry and Field of Design Thinking
Design thinking is not only the “product” and “service” design, but also the design of process, operation mode, organizational operation, working environment, residential construction, and education etc. Thereby, “design thinking” is: a thinking mode of complete structure. It is adoptable for any field of any industry and any company and can product many significant or constructive innovative design modes of products or services. Design thinking now has developed to be an innovative design mode that can be learned. What it relies on is not the originality of the designer, but the common originality made by persons of different professional background in different views. Then design an innovative product or service.
Path and Method of Design Thinking

Three Exploration Processes of Design Thinking Innovation:

灵感:刺激寻找解决方案的机会与需求 Inspiration: Simulate the opportunity and demand for seeking for solutions.
执行:从研究室通往市场的步骤。Implementation: The process from the lab to the market.
构思:想法的催生、发展和验证 Ideation: Idea generation, development and check;
Design thinking (design thinking)就是深入文化脉络与生活脉络:观察、同理心、洞见
Design thinking is to probe into the cultural context and life context: observation, empathy and insight.
Design thinking (design thinking)就是深入文化脉络与生活脉络:观察、同理心、洞见

Three Standards of Successful Ideas:

可行性:设计应用的可行性 Feasibility:Feasibility of design application
存续性:设计的生命力 Viability: Design viability
需求性:对用户有价值,抓得住用户的心 Desirability: Be valuable to the users and attract the users.

Five Tools of Design Thinking

Interdisciplinary teams: Organic combination of heterogeneous talents of different kinds
Make scripts and tell attractive stories, create unparalleled and moving
Innovation begins with observation
Thinking of the prototyping by hand
Brain storming and experimental attitude of divergent thinking and convergent thinking in staggered forward

Experience design is the essence of the design thinking

Not only observation, empathy and insight;

But the whole process of making creative design!