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Patent Layout

Patent Layout
  • The whole idea to develop more tight-knit patent technology projects on the existing technology path so as to prevent competitors from entering.
  • Make systematical ideation and build purposeful patent subject
  •  Aim: Be sure to have the meaning of improving enterprise competitive advantage
  • Ideation: Mean systematic design and the features of the set of patents that are selected to enter into.
  • Construction: The method to get such patent subjects
  • Patent distribution of derivative relationship based on original technology creativity
  • Horizontal expansion-method, mechanism
  • Longitudinal extension-upstream and downstream industries
  • Field extension-Main market

Combine relevant patent layout tool technique of TRIZ, TRIZ evolution tree; patent analysis, literature analysis, expert consultation, patent search, literature review and mastering future development trend of product module; mastering mutual replacement technology, technological evaluation and technological development planning chart; establishing partial advantage of technology and patent portfolio. Participants are those for strategic planning, marketing management, technology and product research and development and intellectual property. It is steel market layout scheme for 3~10 years.

Patent Layout and Technological Competition Strategy

1. What is the status of the company technology, does it have advantages in this technological project, and how do we build the barrier or strategic position of the technology field with patent layout?

2. Is the technology development path the company currently owns or implements correct? And what kinds of patent technology developments need more concerns?

3. To correctly select the technology projects that the company researches and develops, how should we prioritize and patent one by one to realize a better patent distribution state when resources are limited?