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Triz Method

Edge Tool for Rapid Product Innovation of Enterprise
Background of Generation of TRIZ

G. S. Altshuller(1926-1998) was an ingenious inventor and creative and innovative scientist. Before the age of 14, he had invented and finished testing equipment by which hydrogen peroxide produce oxygen. After World War II, he was sent to navy acting as innovation inspector, and in two years, he laid foundation for TRIZ depending on studying thousands of patents.

In 1956, Altshuller published an article concerning new science knowledge: The Theory of Inventive Problem Solving (RTIZ): once we analyzed a large number of good patents and refined solution pattern to problem, we could learn these modes, thus creatively solving problems.

What’s TRIZ?

Theory of Inventive Problem Solving, TRIZ is the principle created by Genrich Altshuller from Russia when analyzing 200,000 patents. TRIZ is science of system evolution, and is formed on the basis of principles of evolution of the system and practical experience of hundreds of thousands of scientists and inventors.

专利(全世界)Patent (whole world)
主要发现 Main discoveries
发明问题的定义Definition of invention issue
发明的层级Hierarchy of invention
演化的模式Mode of evolution
发明的模式Mode of invention
发明专利Invention patent
可转移成Transferred to
通用的创新发明原则General innovative invention principle

IEG brings TRIZ method into enterprise, and helps the enterprise produce great benefits in technological innovation, product innovation and service innovation fields. Through successful practice of enterprises for many years, TRIZ has evolved to a common and highly effective innovative approach, being adopted by many multinational companies and business R&D institutions. In the meantime, TRIZ of IEG can help enterprise staffs step out of their personal areas of expertise to apply human knowledge and combine the intelligence of interdisciplinary inventors, thus rapidly getting innovative solutions making customers and operators satisfied.

Why is TRIZ Needed?

Why don’t we know how to do?
  • We know who customers are, what their demands are and understand why existing systems can not meet their demands.
  • We understand the root of the problem but not indication, but we do not know how to implement.
Why does market survey in traditional research and development fail?
  • Sometimes, there are contradictions in existing systems;
  • Sometimes, existing systems reach the limit of current technology or method such strength of material, band width and communication or…

   宇宙的知识Knowledge of universe
   人类的知识Knowledge of human
   其他产业的知识Knowledge of other industries
   你的产业的知识Knowledge of your industry
   你的公司的知识Knowledge of your company
   你的知识 Your knowledge
TRIZ provides a systematic problem solving approach, and thinks with different tools according to hierarchy to be solved to get feasible solution upon gradual convergence, in addition, some new methods can be found during the process, which may be helpful for breaking through limits of existing set pattern.
Benefits to be obtained by using TRIZ method
  • To get rid of psychological inertia through application of TRIZ, and break through existing thinking frame.
  • To solve contradictory problems in technology and product research and development through application of TRIZ systematic method.
  • To increase number of patents and generated benefits through application of TRIZ.
  • To shorten time for technology breakthrough through application of TRIZ method
  • To reduce production cost of new technology/new product through application of TRIZ method.
  • To expand thinking for solving problems through application of TRIZ method, and improve personal capability of independent innovation.

Application Industry and Field of TRIZ

TRIZ is an innovative method by which thinking is led by systematic process to solve problems. Actually the basis of many innovations and inventions is to solve so-called contradictory phenomenon, therefore, TRIZ method is so practical in RD department, and is so helpful on countermeasures and innovations in product issues.

Path and Method of TRIZ

Comparison between traditional innovation (divergence) and TRIZ innovation (convergence)

  Main Achievements of Altshuller on TRIZ and Application Framework of TRIZ
  • Innovation hierarchy
  • Contradiction:
  • Technological contradictions:
  • 40 principles of invention (1956~1971)
  • 39 engineering parameters
  • Physical contradictions: 4 separation principles (1979)
  • Ideality (1956)
  • 76 standard solutions (1974~1985)
  • Mode of evolution (1969~1979)
  • ARIZ (deductive method for solving innovative problems) (1959~1985)
  • Su-Field Analysis (1977)