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Technology roadmap

Technology roadmap is to integrate the enterprise market strategy, products for the target market and key technology and resources necessary for the products to the technology roadmap by constructing a development「path」of products and technologies from now to future, so as to make the company clearly master the market and products that are expected to develop in next few years and the necessary key technologies, and be a leading contender in product and technology layout and seize the advantageous position in the competition.

The technology roadmap integrates complex technological system to display the evolutionary process of the technology by sketching up a complete product and technology framework; it connects the product, technological challenge and technological solution together and assists in setting the priority of the enterprise’s targets.

Technology map 展开的程序 Development program of technology roadmap
市场趋势 Market trend
功能趋势 Function trend
产品趋势 Product trend
技术发展 Technological development

Framework and Steps of Product Technology roadmap

The product technology roadmap can be implemented by four steps, respectively (1) discussion of market segmentation and market driving factor; (2) product driving factor, product design and target setting of product module function; (3) technological development strategy; (4) consistency check of technology roadmap and action plan drafting.

Technological roadmap (Roadmap) promotes:

 The conversation between 「technology」 and 「management」

The conversation between 「technology」 and 「market」

The conversation between 「technology」 and 「future」

It is necessary to promote the technology roadmap under any following management environment

Ø      Short product life cycle

Ø      Fast technological developement or change

Ø      Fast and diversified change in market or customer demands

Ø      Technology (including manufacturing technology ) working as an important means of competition

Ø      Patent layout having an important strategy position

Ø      Overlapping investment of intracompany technology

Efficieny of Technology roadmap:

Ø      Build a method to connect long rang product plan and technological plan and build shared vision:

·   Focus the vision of the organization on long term plan and provide a mechanism to focus the view on how to develop target market.

·   Reach a consensus on (technologically) preferential development program between decision makers; put focuses and resources on the top priority;

Ø      The technology roadmap will show a integrative framework, assist each rank in planning, and provide a management mechanism for negotiation and communcation for ranks.

Ø      Build a product/technology strategy that is shared and recognized by all ranks of the organization.

Ø      Make the enterprise repond more keenly and quickly

·   Changes in business environment

·   Leap-frog technology development of the technology frontier competitors

Ø      Improve the quality of technological decision

·   Get much more thoroughly technological demand and undertanding, and reduce the investment risks of the technology.

·   Integrate and highlight the scattered resources more effectively.